Série d'illustrations créée à l'occasion d'un challenge créatif sur instagram. Lors de la "POWERFUL WOMEN WEEK" il s'agissait d'illustrer chaque jour un thème autour de l'empowerment au féminin. (Dear body, sisterhood, powerhouse, women with vision...)
Reminder n°1: Your body is your most precious ally in life. Don't treat it like your enemy.
Reminder N°2: Sisters, we're in the same team! I will cheer for you, will you cheer for me too?

Reminder n°3: Surround yourself with people that support you at all times in life, no matter if you win or loose. 

Reminder n°4: Intuition is your friend! Tune in, listen, and then take action!
Series of illustrations created for a digital art event: THE POWERFUL WOMEN WEEK. These were posted on social media with a caption encouraging women empowerment around 7 specific themes (Dear body, sisterhood, powerhouse, women with vision...).
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